The rumen pH and
temperature monitoring system

- to see what is happening inside!

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VetAsyst the rumen pH and temperature monitoring system

- to see what is happening inside!

VetAsyst gives continuous real-time insight into dairy and beef herds' rumen conditions via pH and temperature values. VetAsyst supports data driven decisions and provides immediate feedback about management changes.

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VetaSyst cow
Healthy rumen,
healthy herd
Savings on optimized
Early detection and prevention
Increasing milk yields,
better milk quality
Less veterinary
Immediate feedback on
management changes

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Knowledge pays off


VetAsyst provides complete data interpretation and graphical visualisation of the information. The knowledge base contains all the results of the Moonsyst experiences. VetAsyst transforms raw data into built-in alerts that are sent to users via email. Notifications contain useful information to support data driven decisions of farmers, vets and feeding professionals.

Knowledge base

We follow up and share the international litterature of the rumen as well as the experiences of our customers in form of use cases in a knowledge base.

Data interpretation

VetAsyst provides reliable and accurate information about herd rumen condition. Raw data is processed and transfered with interpretation to the users.


VetAsyst data is always at hand on any smart device. No need for any additional software or hardware.

Complementary analysis

Moonsyst and its partners have all the know-how and infrastructure to carry out any additional analysis the complete the picture about the health condition of dairy cows.

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